50th Anniversary Austin 7 Club Book





Chapter 1 1953-1957
Getting established and finding our feet

Chapter 2 1958-1962
Making progress

Chapter 3 1963-1967
Forging ahead

Chapter 4 1968-1972
Moving into the big time 33

Chapter 5 1973-1977
Coming of age and a home of our own

Chapter 6 1978-1982
The Sports Sedan era

Chapter 7 1983-1987
30 years old; the Clubrooms are ours,
the AGP comes to town
and Adelaide’s Alive!

Chapter 8 1988-1992
The end of an era and a new beginning

Chapter 9 1993-1997
40 years old, and touring Tasmania for the first time

Chapter 10 1998-2002
New enthusiasm and an other period of growth

Chapter 11 2003
Our Golden Anniversary

Appendix 1 The A7C Timing Team
The evolution of time and its recording

Appendix 2
A chronological list of significant events


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