Austin 7 Club (SA) Inc

Committee Members

This years Committee consists of:

PRESIDENTGraham Buesnel Ph 8449 4764 Email: (Click Here)

SECRETARY : Brian Kynaston Ph: 0419 804 668 Email: (Click Here)

MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY: Ralph Drage Ph: 8251 2637 Email: (Click Here)

TREASURER: Laurie Sutton Ph: 8358 3421 Email: (Click Here)

ASSISTANT TREASURER: Ron Schache Ph: 8264 6317 Email: (Click Here)

COMPETITION SECRETARY and CAMS REP : Tony Morgan Ph: 8264 7179 Email: (Click Here)

PROPERTY MANAGER: Alan Baker Ph: 8261 1175 Email: (Click Here)

REGISTRAR: David Garnett Ph: 0457 434 718 Email: (Click Here)

SPARE PARTS MANAGER: David Grear Ph:8296 1689 Email: (Click Here)

TOURING COORDINATOR: Chris Cutting Ph: 8270 3799  Email: (Click Here)

EDITOR: David Searles Ph: 0408 700 047 Email: (Click Here)

LIBRARIAN (Non Committee): Barry Pannell

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