Austin 7 Club of SA (inc) Membership

Download and complete the Membership Application Form, then either;

  • post it to the Treasurer, at the below address along with a cheque or money order, if applicable. (Prices subject to change),
  • or hand it, along with your payment to the Treasurer at a General Meeting (see Club Calendar for the meeting dates).

The Austin 7 Club of South Australia recognises the importance of members’ privacy and shares people’s concerns about the security of personal information. The Club is committed to the protection of the personal information that we hold. Click here to read the Privacy Policy.


  • Full membership is available to anyone.
  • Remote membership is available to persons who normally reside more than 100 km by road from the club rooms at Seaton. It is at the committee discretion whether or not a person is accepted as a Remote Member.
  • Associate membership is available to those persons whose partner is a Full member.
  • Junior membership is for people who are under 18 at January 1st of the current year.


Following are the annual subscriptions for each of the membership categories along with the once off fee associated with joining the club.

Full membership $70.00
Remote membership $40.00
Associate membership $40.00
Junior membership $40.00

A once off Joining Fee, equal to half the annual subscription, applies to all new members as well as those who have not renewed their annual subscriptions by the end of February each year.


All mail should be addressed to the clubrooms which are located at
Austin 7 Club of SA inc
262 Tapleys Hill Road
Seaton, South Australia 5023

Call Secretary [Eric]