The Austin 7 Club of SA (A7CSA) is authorised by the Department of Planning & Transport to approve Historic & LHD vehicles for club Registration providing the;
  • Vehicle was manufactured 30 or more years ago & it can be legally driven on public roads in its current configuration
  • Owner of the vehicle is a member of the A7CSA
  • NB: the A7CSA is not able to authorise Street Rods
What Conditions apply to Conditionally Registered vehicles?
  • The owner (not necessarily the driver) must be a financial member of a recognised club such as the A7CSA.
  • The Logbook, issued by that club, must be up to date & carried in the vehicle at all times.
  • The Logbook must be produced for inspection if asked to do so by a Police Officer or Transport Inspector.
  • Must not be driven on the road for any more than 90 calendar days in any 12-month period of registration.
  • Must not be used for Hire, Fare, Reward or any other form of remuneration.
  • If the vehicle is a commercial vehicle, it must not be used to carry loads for commercial purposes.
How does a member apply to Conditionally Register a vehicle?
  • Ensure your vehicle can be legally driven on public roads in its current configuration – see the Code of Practice, Light Vehicle Modification Standards Fact Sheet & Left Hand Drive Standards Fact Sheet
  • Present your vehicle, as well as a current or previous Registration Certificate (if available), to one of the A7CSA’s Authorising Officers for an inspection, either at a club meeting of by making other agreeable arrangements – see page 2 of the latest Club Journal for a list of Authorising Officers
  • If the Authorising Officer confirms that your vehicle complies with the code you will be issued with a completed MR334 form and a Logbook
  • Take the MR334 form to any Transport SA Registration & Licensing office
    • If the vehicle IS NOT currently registered
      complete an “application for Registration & Third Party Insurance” form (form MR1).
    • If the vehicle IS currently registered
      Cancel the registration (unless it is about to expire or only recently expired, in which case there is no need to cancel it)
  • Submit the MR334 & MR1 (if applicable) Forms along with payment of the appropriate fees & charges (registration period are available for 1, 2 or 3 years).
  • Receive a Certificate of Registration.
How is the logbook used?
  • See inside the front cover page of the logbook for details.
What needs to be done when Conditional Registration is renewed?
  • Transport SA will invite renewal of registration, prior to the expiry date of the current registration, as it does for normally registered vehicles.  There is no need to get another MR334 form the Club.
  • The member needs to pay the appropriate fee to renew the registration, then write the Commencement & Expiry file dates in the appropriate section of the logbook.
What needs to happen when Club Membership is renewed each year?
  • After the appropriate membership fee has been received by the Treasurer, the member must submit the vehicle Logbook to the club Registrar, by the end of December each year. The Registrar will then endorse the Logbook for next year. Every 3 years a new logbook will be issued.
What happens if the member of a Conditionally Registered vehicle does not renew their membership?
  • The Club must advise Transport SA that the member has not renewed their membership.  If the Conditionally Registered vehicle is driven on the road after that time, the owner/driver would be contravening the prescribed conditions of Conditional Registration & could receive a fine.
Can the vehicle be used outside of South Australia?
  • Yes, providing it complies with all prescribed conditions.
What happens if a Conditionally Registered vehicle is sold?
  • Registration of the vehicle is not transferable
  • The Logbook must be presented to the Club Registrar for cancellation.
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