Matthew Grear at the All British Day on 14 February 2016 and his specially
commissioned painting of the Austin 7 'feral'.
Austin 7 Journals Page 2 April 2016
Club Patron: Hon Stephen Mullighan MP State Member for Lee.
Ph: 8251 2637 or 0418 846 082
email: [email protected]
Ph: 8377 0893 or 0414 727 893
Ph: 8358 3421 or: 0418 831 974
email: [email protected]
Ph: 8449 4764 or 0438 794 979
email: [email protected]
Ph: 8264 6317 email: [email protected]
Ph: 8264 7179 email: [email protected]
Ph: 8365 1343 or 0437 061 569
email: [email protected]
SPARES MANAGER & Vice President:
Ph: 8296 1689 email: [email protected]
The Austin 7 Spares Shed is open prior to Monthly
Club Meetings, Austin 7 Technical Nights and other
times as notified by the Manager.
A comprehensive touring programme is conducted
annually, any suggestions of events or places to
visit are welcomed.
Ph: 8261 1175 or 0437 428 543
email:rodne[email protected].au
Working Bees to maintain the property are held on
an "as required basis". Members will be advised of
any working bee planned at a meeting prior or by
Ph: 8445 1444 or 0408 700 047
email: [email protected]
The Austin 7 Journals is published quarterly by the
club and is available on the club web site and at
meetings in January, April, July and October. Items
for inclusion of each issue close at the end of the
previous month.
Ph: 8264 7179 email: [email protected]
Ph;8266 1762 email: sanitrocmk[email protected]
Ph: 8255 1371 email: [email protected]
Conditional Registration Inspectors &
Authorised Officers
Scott Appleyard: Southern Suburbs
Ph: 0427 243 879
Wolf Semler: Southern Vales.
Ph: 8556 6405
Trevor Clerke: Yorke Peninsula.
Ph: 0428 851 139
Geoff Stephens; All areas.
Ph: 0437 061 569
Ralph Drage: All areas.
Ph: 8251 2637 or 0418 846 082
David Garnett All areas
Ph: 0457 434 718
Graham Buesnel North Western Suburbs.
Ph: 0438 794 979
SPORT, and
FINANCIAL: The Club is able to accept payment
of subscriptions, for events or fees by Internet
Banking details are: BSB 085-333 A/c 838545354.
When transferring funds to the Club please quote
your name or a reference so that the Treasurer is
able to identify your payment.
All correspondence to:
The Secretary
Annual subscriptions Full: $70.00: Associate/Remote: $40.00
The Austin 7 Club SA Internet address is:
Monthly Club Meetings (second Monday* of each month) commence at 7.30pm, please bring
plate of supper to share. *Check club calendar for correct date.
Austin 7 Journals Page 3 April 2016
Austin 7 Journals
Volume 216 - April 2016
On Australia Day, Life member, Barry Frost, was awarded a Member of the Order of Australia
(AM) for his contribution to motorsport over many years. See the article further on in this
Journals. At the CAMS presentation night, the Austin 7 Club of SA Timing Team was
presented with a Certificate of Recognition for Outstanding Service as CAMS Volunteer
On February 28 there was another first for the club with the introduction of a Rookies group at
our Modern Regularity Event. This is on the heels of 2 other firsts in recent times,
the introduction of a Familiarisation session for first timers at the beginning of each
Modern Regularity event and
the participation of the Junior Development Group (JDP) at one of our events late last
The 1
Rookies Group comprised of 11 entrants which was really encouraging and the way
they participated and the encouragement they received from seasoned participants was great
to see.
Congratulations to Tony Morgan and the TTM Marketing Team for their inputs and
innovations for introducing these great initiatives which are aimed at ensuring the events
remain cost effective and grow the sport by encouraging new participants. Tony hosted the
End of Season Presentation Dinner at the Royal Hotel in February. It was well attended and
the attendees had a great night socialising and watching the great videos Tony had put
together showing some of the happenings throughout the year.
Also on display was a collage of photos of some cars and people at a Modern Regularity
event that Andrew Baohm had printed on a large canvas background (1 of 3 curtains he had
made up to suit a marquee). The canvas was supported by a steel frame Steve Conroy had
put together just for the night. Thank you to Andrew & Steve for their continued support & to
Tony for running well organised events and putting together a great end of year function.
Also thanks to all of those who attended & made the evening the success that it was.
There is still time to join other club members on a 10 day trip in November, flying to Brisbane,
having 3 nights in Brisbane before boarding a ship for a 7 day cruise before flying back home.
If you would like more information, please ring me on 8251 2637.
There is still a vacancy on the committee for either a Minute secretary or an Assistant Touring
Coordinator. If you are interested in becoming a committee member please let me or one of
the other committee know.
I would like you to join me in welcoming the following new members & wish them a long &
enjoyable time within the club.
Daniel BURT
Giuliano PLUTTI
Michael POOLE
To any member who is currently on the sick list, I wish you a speedy recovery.
REMEMBER All meetings (General & Technical) start at 7.30pm.
Ralph Drage
Austin 7 Journals Page 4 April 2016
April 2016
17 Social Day Run to McLaren Vale for the
McLaren Vale Vintage & Classic parade
and winery visit.
18 A7 Technical Night.
19 A7 Leisure Run.
23/24 Race Meeting Historics- Mallala.
23-25 Pre War Austin 7 Run to Burra. Staying
at Paxton Square Cottages, bookings
via Technical Nights.
29 Tour of Christmas Pageant floats.
May 2016
1 Peter Hall Memorial 6Hr Regularity -
1 HMVC British Classics Day at Victor
Harbor, entries close 15 April.
2 Committee Meeting.
9 Monthly Club Meeting.
15 Modern Regularity R3 Mallala.
17 A7 Leisure Run.
21/22 Race Meeting - Mallala.
22 Social Day Run.
22 Coast to Coast Run by Morris Register,
Glenelg to Port Adelaide highlighting
100 years of motoring.
23 A7 Technical Night.
27 Quarterly Luncheon.
28/29 40
Historic Winton.
June 2016
6 Committee Meeting.
11/13 Border Run to Little Desert Lodge Nhill.
Bookings to David Searles.
20 Monthly Club Meeting.
21 A7 Leisure Run.
26 Social Sunday and display of Austin 7's
at the Clubrooms.
27 A7 Technical Night.
July 2016
3 Modern Regularity R4 Mallala.
4 Committee Meeting.
11 Monthly Club Meeting.
17 Social Day Run to Gawler Gliding Club.
19 A7 Leisure Run.
25 A7 Technical Night.
August 2016
1 Committee Meeting.
7 State Championship Modern Regularity
R5 Mallala.
8 Monthly Club Meeting.
16 A7 Leisure Run.
20/21 Race Meeting Mallala.
21 Hills Luncheon to Auchendarroch
Tavern at Mount Barker,.
22 A7 Technical Night.
26 Quarterly Luncheon.
September 2016
1 Old Car Day to Bethany or to wherever
you wish to drive your 'old' vehicle.
5 Committee Meeting.
11 Modern Regularity R6 Mallala.
12 Monthly and Annual General Meetings.
18 Social Sunday at the Clubrooms.
19/30 Federation Motorfest 2016.
20 A7 Leisure Run.
25 Bay to Birdwood Run.
26 A7 Technical Night.
October 2016
3 Committee Meeting.
10 Monthly Club Meeting.
16 Social Day Run.
16 Modern Regularity R7 Mallala
18 A7 Leisure Run.
24 A7 Technical Night.
November 2016
6 Herbert Austin's 150th birthday at the
7 Committee Meeting.
12/13 Bendigo Swap Meet.
13 Modern Regularity R8 Mallala.
14 Monthly Club Meeting.
15 A7 Leisure Run.
18/20 Adelaide Motorsport Festival & Classic
Adelaide Rally.
19 Race Meeting Mallala.
21 A7 Technical Night & Run.
25 Quarterly Luncheon.
December 2016
3 Subs & Cond Rego Stat Dec Day at the
Clubrooms 10am to 2pm.
5 Committee Meeting.
6 A7 Leisure Run.
11 Subs & Cond Rego Stat Dec Day at the
Clubrooms 10am to 2pm.
11 Christmas Function organised by A7
Club at West Beach Sea Rescue
Function Room 1st Floor. Patio viewing
area overlooking the gulf at West Beach
and the setting sun, bar facilities,
catering by Texas Bull Machine.
Elevator Access.
12 Monthly Club Meeting.
April 2017
8-14 95th Anniversary Austin 7 Rally
Toowoomba, Queensland.
14-17 Austins Over Australia Ipswich,
Austin 7 Journals Page 5 April 2016
Barry Frost is awarded a Member of the Order of Australia (AM)
Photograph supplied by Barry Frost.
The citation of the award was for "Significant Service to Motorsport at the
National and International Level".
Following is a resumé of Barry’s commitment and contribution to Motor Sport,
and associated achievements which led to him being awarded a Member of the
Order of Australia (AM).
1959 Barry began as a timekeeper for the Austin 7 Club of SA (A7CSA) at the
Port Wakefield track in South Australia. Barry has continued to officiate as a
time keeper at several race meetings held at various venues every year since
then, as the following attests to.
1962 Appointed as the A7CSA Chief Timekeeper, an honorary position he
continues to hold.
1969 starts timing race meetings at Rowley Park Speedway, and now at
Speedway Park (dirt track racing), an activity he still officiates.
1973 - Awarded the CAMS State Service award.
1975 Appointed President of A7CSA. A post he held for 2 years.
1976, CAMS appointed Barry as National Chief Timekeeper an honour he still
1982 Reappointed as President of A7CSA. A post he held for another 14 years.
1985 Although continuing to reside in Adelaide he began timing major race
meetings at Calder Raceway in Melbourne. He did this for 10 years.
That same year - the first World Championship Australian Grand Prix was held in
Adelaide with Barry as Chief Timekeeper, a task he undertook for all AGP’s held
in Adelaide.
Austin 7 Journals Page 6 April 2016
1988 - NASCAR races began at the Calder Thunderdome. As a part of his
commitment to Calder Raceway, Barry officiated at all meetings until the last
meeting in 1995.
1991 - Awarded the CAMS Motor Race Official of the Year.
1996 - the AGP moved to Melbourne with Barry continuing to do the same as he
did when the AGP was in Adelaide.
1999 Chief Time Keeper for the V8 Supercar rounds held in Adelaide. He still is.
2000 - Awarded the Australian Sports Medal by the Prime Minister, John
2001 - Begins as Chief Timekeeper for the Darwin V8 Supercar series at Hidden
Valley (Darwin). A position he still holds.
April 2002 - the A7CSA Timing Team officiated at its 500
meeting with Barry
being present at most of them.
2003 - Appointed Chief Timekeeper for the World Solar Challenge, a position he
still holds
July 2012 - The A7CSA Timing Team officiated at its 750
meeting with Barry
still at the helm.
February 2014 Awarded the CAMS Service STAR Award.
March 2014 awarded an Outstanding Motor Sport Officials Certificate from the
FIA and its Volunteers and Officials Commission for being FIA’s Best Timekeeper
for 2013.
Barry says that over the
57 years he has been an
official at Motorsport
events, his most
memorable highlights
were the 1987 AGP at
Winton: the 1989 & 1990
AGP World
Championships at Phillip
Island (support
categories); the 1990
World Superbikes at
Phillip Island; the 1991
AGP World Championship
at Eastern Creek,
(support categories) and
the 1991 & 1992 World
Championships at Phillip
Barry acknowledges & would like to thank the many club members who, over the
years, have supported him and the club through the A7C Timing Team by sharing
their knowledge and providing support and friendship. For this he is truly grateful.
FYI - up to December last year (2015), the A7C Timing Team officiated at its 827
Race Meeting.
We congratulate Barry on being awarded a Member of the Order of Australia (AM);
an award very well deserved.
Austin 7 Journals Page 7 April 2016
Vale - John Newmarch
Born in Adelaide on 4 June 1937, his secondary school was Adelaide High School,
and he lived in Baker St Glenelg.
John obtained an apprenticeship as a motor mechanic at Waymouth Motors in
Adelaide and commenced playing lacrosse with the Glenelg Lacrosse Club, and
that's where he first met Bruce Went and Bryan Cutt who were playing members
there. John only played for 2 years.
His first vehicle was a Harley Davidson motor cycle and sidecar, and after a time he
traded it in on an Austin 7 tourer and subsequently joined the Austin 7 Club in
1958, where he met Bruce Berry who also lived at Glenelg.
Bruce & John both travelled along Anzac Highway each day to the city and found
that racing through the traffic in their Austin 7's to work was a great start to the
day. One day John told Bruce that there would be no racing that day because he
had taken the brake shoes off to re-align them and he drove the Austin to work with
absolutely no brakes!!
John's next car was a 1936 Ford V8
Coupe, which suited his quest for speed
and competed in this in many Austin 7
events. He also competed in Hillclimbs at
Collingrove and Silverton in NSW
Having completed his training as a motor
mechanic, he ran a BP Service Station
owned by his father at Hyde Park. He
now hotted up a Simca sedan which he
raced in SA at Hillclimbs and race
meetings, and also race meetings at
interstate venues.
A friend of his, John Bruggeman, built
from a kit a Capricornia Sports Car for
racing purposes, and John drove it for
him at Port Wakefield and Mallala for
many years.
The car was named the RICARDIAN, it
was powered by a 6 cylinder Holden
On 13 October 1962, John married
Elizabeth Connelly. They lived at
Reynella and raised a family of 2 girls.
John competed in the 1964 Ampol Round Australia Trial in a Valiant Sedan. John
retired from motor sport and took up a position as a motor mechanic with a pastoral
company in the Adelaide hills. This company had crop dusting aircraft and John
learned to fly and carry out crop dusting.
After some time he joined Emu Airways as a pilot flying daily commercial flights from
Adelaide to Kingscote on Kangaroo island.
His next move was with his wife Elizabeth, to Cairns in Queensland, where he joined
a large airline company and flew commercial flights to and around New Guinea.
In 1991, he purchased a hire cruiser on which the customers lived while cruising
around the Whitsunday Islands. The cruiser was based at Airlie Beach. In 1993,
John retired from flying and continues to work for the company as a consultant.
He and Elizabeth moved to Airlie Beach an 2007, and John returned to Mallala to
drive the RICARDIAN on 2 occasions.
John passed away on 14 February 2016 after a long illness................Bruce Went
Austin 7 Journals Page 8 April 2016
Club regalia for sale:
The club has a variety of items of interest to members which are available from the Treasurer
each meeting at the clubrooms.
Austin 7 Club Decal small: $1.00
Austin 7 Club Decal large $2.00
Austin script hat/lapel badge: $3.00
Austin 7 Club Cap $12.50
Austin 7 Club Hat $12.50
Austin 7 Club Badge Metal Radiator $22.00
Austin 7 Club 50
year history book: $20.00
Austin 7 Short Sleeve Yellow & Blue top: $20.00
Austin 7 Short Sleeve Dark Blue 3 button top $30.00 sizes in stock M,L, & XL.
Austin 7 Long Sleeve Polar Fleece Jumpers: $45.00 sizes in stock S,M,L & XL.
Track Time Motorsport Cap $10.00
Track Time Motorsport Polo Shirt $34.00
The Austin 7 Club SA Inc is now on Facebook, search
for Austin 7 Club of South Australia
Austin 7 Journals Page 9 April 2016
SA/Vic Austin 7 Clubs Annual BORDER RUN 11 June to 13 June 2016
This year's Border Run will be held at the Little Desert Nature Lodge, Nhill, we have
been there before, but it is well worth another visit. It is located halfway between
Adelaide and Melbourne, 16 km South of Nhill just off the Western Highway. The
Lodge is set on 117 hectares of natural bushland and has the rare and elusive
Malleefowl or “Lowan” bird, along with other birds & wildlife and stunning
wildflowers. There are bushwalking & nature trails.
On Sunday there will be a run to the Agricultural Museum in Jeparit.
Accommodation details are: 6 Garden View Ensuite Rooms $222/pp twin share
5 Budget ensuite rooms $207/pp twin share
Dorm (shared amenities) min 2 per room $188/pp
Campsite $144/pp
The above prices include: 2 nights accommodation, 2 cooked breakfasts and 2x2
course alternate drop dinner in fully licenced dining room. The cost for Sunday is
not known yet.
The Border Run is an annual event where the Austin 7 Clubs of Victoria and South
Australia meet at a venue near the border. The first Border Run was held in 1955 at
Kaniva on the oval for the brief meeting, however, these days we try to luxuriate in
ensuite accommodation over the Queen's Birthday Holiday weekend. Please see
David Searles if you would like to come along. Please note at time of printing, all
ensuite rooms have been allocated.
Austin 7 Journals Page 10 April 2016
95th Austin 7 Rally and Austins Over Australia 2017 Queensland
The 95th Anniversary Austin 7 Rally will be held in Toowoomba Queensland from
8th to 14th April 2017 followed by Austins Over Australia at Ipswich Queensland
from 14th to 17th April 2017, which is Easter.
Please see David Grear to be included in the contingent going to Queensland. Soon
you will be asked your departure date and preferred route, as not all are
participating in the Austin 7 Rally beforehand.
Members who have indicated their interest in one or both of the above events are .
The Austin 7 Pre War Run for 2016 will be held on
the 3 day weekend of 23 to 25 April, leaving on
Saturday 23 April for Burra, and coming back on
Monday 25 April (Anzac Day). We are staying at the
Paxton Square Cottages and the accommodation cost
is $180 per room for the two nights. Evening meals
will be arranged at the two remaining Hotels in Burra
i.e. The Burra Hotel on Saturday night and The
Commercial Hotel on Sunday night.
Breakfast of your choice and imagination can be had
as BYO in your rooms on Sunday & Monday
mornings. Cooktop, toaster & kettle available in all
also note this warning!
We need to keep this in mind when on the pre war run driving our Austin 7's from Burra to
Jamestown on Sunday 24 April, this year. This sign spotted in Terowie on a previous pre war run in
2013 attests to the continual changing conditions that Austin 7 drivers are faced with.
Austin 7 Journals Page 11 April 2016
Saturday April 8 to Thursday 13 April, 2017
Austin Seven Register of Queensland Inc
Welcome to Newsletter Number 1 for the Austin Seven National Rally organised by
the Austin Seven Register of Queensland Inc. This is the first of a number of newsletters that will keep
you informed of the rally to take place in Toowoomba from Saturday 8th April to Thursday 13th April,
The Austin Seven National Rally provides the opportunity to see the biggest number of Austin Sevens
in one location in Australia and the opportunity to meet old friends and make new ones.
Event Information
The event will start with a welcome social event on Saturday 8 April followed by five drive days to a
variety of destinations with interesting places to visit.
Saturday 8 April Registration and Evening Welcome Function
Sunday 9 April Morning event and afternoon tour of Toowoomba
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Tour runs from Toowoomba to villages and places
Thursday morning 10 13 April of interest
Thursday night 13 April Presentation dinner
The dates have been chosen to coincide with school holidays in most states. It is expected that this will
allow additional entrants to attend the rally.
Headquarters for the rally will be in Glenvale, a western suburb of Toowoomba.
Registration forms for the rally will be available next year. A meal form will be forwarded at a later
date when arrangements and prices are confirmed.
Rally routes are being finalised and will be on good mainly flat country roads.
The rally is being held at Toowoomba on the Darling Downs in South East Queensland. There are good
roads suitable for Austin 7 rallying, a selection of quality attractions and points of interest, great April
weather with an average temperature range of 13 to 23 degrees in April and a number of successful
national car rallies have been held in Toowoomba and surrounds.
Austins Over Australia
The Austin Motor Vehicle Club of Qld. has selected Ipswich as the venue for Austins Over Australia at
Easter 2017. Ipswich is about 90 kilometres from Toowoomba towards Brisbane on mostly dual lane
The Austin Seven National Rally will conclude on Thursday night 13th April and entrants can travel to
Ipswich the following day, Friday 14th April to register for Austins Over Australia in Ipswich. We
have been advised that Austin 7 entrants are welcome to attend Austins Over Australia at Ipswich and
that rally routes will be suitable for Austin 7 entrants. Ipswich is a historic city and AOA will be
beneficial for entrants attending the Austin 7 national rally.
For enquiries about the rally please contact John Que on home 07 33960882, mobile 0409893305,
email [email protected] or by mail to 83 Tantani Street, Manly West Qld 4179.
Austin 7 Journals Page 12 April 2016
Austin 7 Journals Page 13 April 2016
With members renewing their Austin 7 Club subscription for 2016, it is timely to remind
members of their responsibilities in regard to their Historic Vehicle.
The scheme is a conditional registration scheme which allows for the driving of an
historic vehicle on public roads subject to certain conditions for its registration.
A Log Book issued to you for your historic vehicle is a record of your club
membership and records your membership of the Austin 7 Club and your days out driving
for up to 3 years. At the end of this period, a new Log Book will be issued.
The Department of Transport has deemed that, for our club, the membership year
ends on 31 December each year, so if you wish to continue driving your historic vehicle
unimpeded each year you must renew your club membership BEFORE 31 December each
year AND submit a Statutory Declaration to the Log Book Manager, Geoff Stephens, at the
same time. It is recommended that you utilise the Log Book Days at the Clubrooms which
are next scheduled for the 3rd and 11th of December 2016, and also the many club meetings
held during the year. Geoff's old premise on OG Road is not available because he's not
Your vehicle must be inspected for compliance with the scheme once in a 3 year
period, which ideally is done at the time of the issue of a new log book, and, Log Book
entries for your days out driving must be in ink NOT pencil.
The responsibilities of club members are not arduous and you receive considerable
financial benefit through the scheme, so please do the right thing as the club carries out its
responsibilities by volunteer committee members, so don't take out your frustrations on
them. Remember the alternative is full registration.
The Code of Practice for Conditionally Registered Vehicles is available at the
clubrooms or on-line from or from the Dept of Transport SA web-site.
Austin 7 Journals Page 14 April 2016
On 16 January, the A7C/Track Time Motorsport awards were held at the Royal Hotel Kent
Town. Colin Tucker received his winning trophy to hearty applause, as he had been runner-up 3 times
previously; second and third places went to Sandy Watters and Brett Watters. The Ladies trophy was
won by Sandy Watters from Kristen Bailey and Naomi Maltby. During the year, 115 drivers competed
in the Modern Regularity series, including 10 ladies and 12 juniors.
On 30 January, the CAMS awards were held: Sandy Watters received her trophy as the State
Modern Regularity Champion.
On 31 January, at a timing team luncheon, Bob Piper, on behalf of the CAMS Australian
Officials Commission (AOC) presented Certificates of Recognition for Outstanding Service as a
volunteer official to timing team members Mrs Raelene Frost, Mrs Cindy Frost, Mrs Pamela Tunn and
Mr Robert Frost with Mrs Sue Alexander accepted her husband Ian’s posthumous award. Graham
Buesnel accepted a Certificate on behalf of the A7CSA for the Timing Team’s dedication for over 55
years. Bob Piper noted that this group is one of the very few that have given such a continuous service
to motor sport.
Our timekeepers ready for duty at the Clipsal 500
Austin 7 Journals Page 15 April 2016
Contact Chris HaubrichUnit 2/ 49 South Tce Wingfield SA 5013
Ph: 8445 7215 Fax: 8346 0293 Mob: 0433 162 354
Austin 7 Journals Page 16 April 2016
The Austin 7 Club SA Inc Spare Parts
Manager has submitted the following
information in regard to the supply and
sale of Austin 7 parts to members.
Parts supplied by the Austin 7 Club
of SA are made neither by nor for the
original vehicle manufacturer.
Where original part numbers or
names are referred to, this is for
identification purposes only.
We have no access to the original factory specifications or drawings, and make
no claim that the replacement parts exactly match the original equipment.
All parts supplied are only copies of designs and are intended to assisting the
repairing and restoring of vehicles as close as possible to original condition. No
guarantee is given that they comply with current legislation.
The Austin 7 Club of SA has no knowledge of, or control over, the
circumstances of fitting and use of parts supplied.
The purchaser is solely responsible for ensuring that parts selected and
purchased are suitable for intended usage, and that they will be fitted
correctly, by the properly qualified person.
Any parts supplied by the Austin 7 Club of SA spares department and
purchased by club members and subsequently modified in any way will not be
eligible for refund or replacement.
The Austin 7 Club of SA accepts no responsibility for any product failure and
consequence damage:-
There is a modification of the part after delivery,
The product has been incorrectly fitted, or
The product is used in a vehicle engaged in racing or speed events or practice
for same.
Any technical or other advice or information given, verbal or written, will be
expressed as a personal opinion only, and must not be taken as a statement of
fact. Information will be given in good faith, to the best of our knowledge and
ability, but we will not be held accountable for any consequence arising from
such advice, freely given.
Austin 7 Journals Page 17 April 2016
MURRAY MALLEE AUTO CLUB SHOW N SHINE - Walker Flat 26 January (Australia
On Australia Day, twelve cars from the club made their way to a Show 'N' Shine day
at Walker Flat. We, along with six other cars met at Elizabeth & made our way
through Gawler & Williamstown to Mt Pleasant where we stopped for morning tea.
Four other cars had got there before us so they had almost finished their morning
tea when we arrived. Three of the cars departed for Walker Flat just after we
arrived, with the remainder of us departing some 25 minutes later.
Unfortunately when we arrived at the park where the Show N Shine event was being
held, the park was full, so we had to park our cars beside the road. It didn’t really
matter though, it just meant that we weren’t near the activities which were taking
place, but we found a very nice shady grassed spot to set up for lunch.
After lunch the men & a few ladies inspected all of the lovely cars on show, whilst
others of us stayed in shade and chatted. When the guys had seen enough we
packed up and headed for home via Mannum & Birdwood.
It was a lovely day - pleasant weather, great company and no car issues.
Marie Drage
Austin 7 Journals Page 18 April 2016
Austin 7 Journals Page 19 April 2016
This year, the All British Day celebrated its 32nd
annual display day at Echunga Oval and the
Austin 7 Club has been involved in about 25 of
these events. We had a good number of club
vehicles at the All British Day with about 21
vehicles attending. The official Austin 7 start
point was the Victoria Hotel car park at the top of
taps, with morning tea enjoyed at the Meadows
Bakery. Our arrival at Echunga was splendidly
timed as to ensure that all the others who arrived
earlier had set up our spot, and most other clubs'
vehicles had arrived. Highlight and much anticipated part of the day was the arrival of Steve
Brown the 'car event paintings' man ready to 'paint' the Austin 7 feral.
Austin 7 Journals Page 20 April 2016
My name is Peter Trudgen. I wanted to provide some feedback regarding my
participation in the recent Modern Regularity event on Feb 28th. Bit of a long story
but I have been involved in Rallying in the past. I was president of Walkerville all
cars club for a couple of years among other positions. The last time I drove a car
with any vigour was as a sweep vehicle for a state rally championship round back in
2006. Since then it’s the same old (but happy) story, married, two kids, house and
the serenity of life without motorsport L. Now I’m in my mid forties so, call it a mid
life crisis if you like but I don’t think of it like that.
Money and time seldom align and when they do you need to grab it by the tail or
tails and hang on. I first thought I would just get a “car” and go back on the dirt. I
also wanted a bit of a change from the front wheel drive three cylinder turbo charade
I last drove, so with this in mind I thought, hell, I have never owned or even driven
for that matter a V8, and I do love rear wheel drive, by the powers of a middle aged
male, I’ll buy a commodore! I ended up buying an ex track VB but it had seen better
days and the rebuild process was taking too long. At this point I was still thinking of
going back to dirt. A chance meeting last year while purchasing a part off gum tree
led me to Track Time Motorsport. Now I had always wanted to try driving on a track
where the rocks and soil had been glued together with black tar but I guess my lack
of knowledge in that area held me back.
I found a “ready to run” VN for
sale on Gumtree and Bob’s your
uncle (he is actually) we were in
business. Insert many months
of work, actual blood, (some
beer may have been involved as
well) later and even the day
before the event and you have a
track car. My father used to
take me and my brother to
Mallala as kids to watch cars,
bikes, goats, flightless birds,
pretty much whatever was
running from time to time, so
for my parents to be there with
me when I took to the track even all these years later was a big highlight in all our
lives which I am very thankful for. I don’t know about anyone else but Mallala still
fills me with the sense of history and childlike amazement. For me driving on that
track wasn’t just a huge amount of fun, it was an honour. You are never too old to
hear your parents tell you they are proud of you. You could not wipe the smile off
my face with a sheet of 80 grit and a litre of turps. I thought I may have to visit the
dentist to have it removed. The people at work really think I am up to something
and are keeping a safe distance. Seriously, I’m writing this two days later and my
face hurts. I’m smiling on the way to work for god sake, I’m smiling in meetings, I’m
smiling at our cats (even the one I don’t like), I even smiled at the guy at work no
one likes because he smiles all the time, just between you and me I think he’s up to
something. This is the best fun I have had in a car (nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say
no more). But I digress, back to my actual feedback. The TTM website is as good as
I have seen and has everything you need to know. I was able to work out everything I
Austin 7 Journals Page 21 April 2016
needed, contact the right people, join the Austin 7 Club and enter an event. There
were a lot more people than I thought there would be but the day ran very well and
very professional from my perspective. There were two things in particular that were
very beneficial for me as a newcomer and I believe they are also new to this year.
The familiarization session was a fantastic idea. It’s the perfect way to see the track
first hand and to get a feel of how a car goes around it. It provided a very good
opportunity to ask questions and for me it relieved many nerves I had amassed. The
other great idea is the rookie section. It provided a fantastic entry point and I’m
sure it will serve you well in the future. There was a good sense of camaraderie
between the rookies and it worked really, really well.
At the end of the day I put my car in the shed without having to wash the 136kg of
dirt, rocks, grass, sticks, goats, flightless birds and mud off it. Sure I have some
mechanical repairs to do but for once it doesn’t involve rebuilding the suspension
due to that jump, jumps, rut, bolder, cattle grid, cattle, more ruts, goat etc. Don’t
get me wrong, I love doing it in the dirt but I’m starting to hurt more than I used to
so a minimum approach to mechanical repairs is preferred. Oh and the time factor.
Bugger, and the money. I would certainly highly recommend giving rallying a go and
there are some very good entry points for this as well.
I could go on if my wife didn’t push me away from the computer with a broom
handle so we will call it a day but for this and all of the above rambling I want to
thank all involved, the organisers, the other entrants, friends and family of entrants,
the scrutineers, the flag marshals, the firees, the ambos, the kiosk people, the
people who look after the track, all the people who offered advice and guidance, the
form up guy, all the people who applauded, and anyone else even remotely involved,
you all made a bearded man very happy, thank you.
Yours in Motorsport,
Peter Trudgen.
Austin 7 Journals Page 22 April 2016
Austin 7 Journals Page 23 April 2016
Colin Tucker Sandy Watters
David Zollo Geoff Stephens
Steve Conroy Karl Fleming
Richard Bailey Bruce Marston
Austin 7 Journals Page 24 April 2016
Dear David,
I hope that you're still the A7 magazine editor and that if you're not, you'll pass this
email to the current editor.
In 1969 I was a 23 year old designer with an ambition to become an engine designer
in the British motorcycle industry. I lived in the north of England whereas the
motorcycle industry was mainly based in the West Midlands - the Birmingham,
Coventry area. I wrote a few hopeful letters and failed miserably. Then I saw an
advert for Petrol Engine Designers! But...this was working for Austin-Morris, a
division of British Leyland and based at Longbridge in South Birmingham. I thought
about it for a few seconds and wrote an enthusiastic response. To cut the matter
short, I was interviewed at Longbridge and started work there in January 1970,
based in the Engineering Block at the top of the test hill.
As a newcomer to Longbridge's customs and practices I was given many tedious and
quite minor tasks to do usually involving taking an existing drawing and modifying it
in some small way; maybe a wider manufacturing tolerance or an alternative
material. One of the mods I was asked to do was to change the hardness specs of
the teeth on the A-Series Distributor Drive Spindle. This is a small steel shaft about
5 inches long. There is a head of about 1 inch diameter at one end and a helical
nine-tooth gear at the other end. I went along to the drawing store and I could tell
from its very early drawing number that it would be interesting. When I was handed
the original drawing I could see that it was ancient and had been drawn on what we
called 'linen' (instead of paper) to increase its life and resistance to creasing. The
original drawing had been made in 1921.
It's normal to register each modification made to a drawing by quoting date, name
and the reason for the change. I looked at its long list of mods extending over a 50
year period. One of these was a change of name from 'Magneto Drive Spindle' to
'Distributor Drive Spindle'. So this part that then currently fitted all A-Series and all
B-Series engines would also fit a 1922 Austin Seven!
This could be useful information of one of your members is seeking a Magneto Drive
Here's my second Longbridge tale.
In 1970, I used to have lunch with two pals in the Longbridge canteen. We had an
hour but the lunch was gone in around half that time. So what to do?
Well one of the things we did was explore the tunnels beneath the factory. These
approximately 15 foot diameter tunnels had been built during WW2 to allow
armaments production to continue during the frequent air-raids. After the war, the
machinery was taken back to the usual workshops and the tunnels used to store
junk. We had found one of the entrances (unmarked) near the canteen.
We must have planned this tour because we had torches. The tunnels were stuffed
full of papers and documents, crates of hardware and parts and then we came
across what were clearly two cars under dust-sheets. Lifting the corner of one dust
sheet revealed an Austin 16 painted in a creamy matt white paint and then signed
by hundreds of people. I later learned that this was the Millionth Austin built at
Longbridge (it was built on 25th June 1946) and was signed by all the Austin
workers. It forms part of the Heritage Motor Centre Museum these days.
The second dust-wrapped car?
Austin 7 Journals Page 25 April 2016
A-ha. This was a Murray Jamieson
Austin Seven Supercharged DOHC racer
and it had sat there so long (around 30
years), its external pipes had leaked
various fluids onto the tunnel floor. What
a magnificent though tiny beast! What a
pity we had no cameras with us!
Our discovery soon became common
knowledge and as the company was
approaching the 50 year celebrations of
the Austin Seven, the organisers of a
huge parade and display in Birmingham City Centre had invited the company to
attend and to bring along some exhibits! Donald Stokes (Lord Stokes) had often been
quoted as saying that he wasn't interested in history and was more interested in the
future. But when he heard of this old Austin racer, he immediately ordered its
renovation so that it could lead the Austin cavalcade through the City Centre.
First the car was taken down to the Car development department at the foot of the
test hill. They decided to stick some fluids in the car and see if it would start. It did
but the oil pipes burst. Then they decided on a complete strip and rebuild. As I was
interested in old motorcycles, when the engine design section were asked to produce
new drawings for the conn-rods, bucket tappets etc, they gave the job to me. But I
had a feeling that we may still hold the original drawings in the drawing stores.
Thankfully, a search through the record books used to issue new drawing numbers
soon identified the part numbers. And there they were; all the original drawings of
Jamieson's supercharged DOHC Austin Engine. All I did was redraw the critical
items (camshafts, tappets, valves, pistons, con-rods and crankshaft) whilst
specifying more modern materials and heat treatments.
I recall that the inverted bucket tappets were over 2 inches in diameter. The 'skirts'
were wafer thin (about 30-40 thousandths of an inch) and were drilled through with
many large holes for lightness.
Where is that car today? Well the last I saw of it was at the Donington Park Motor
Museum probably in the early 1980s where it was on display.
By the way, around 1975 when I arrived for work in the drawing office, I found boxes
and boxes and rolls and rolls of drawings piled up around the doors and in the stair-
wells. When I enquired, I was told that over the weekend, the drawing store people
had removed all the old drawings for disposal. I asked the manager responsible ( a
man called Mr Benbow) if I could have a few for myself and he agreed. I found some
really beautiful drawings from the very early days of armoured cars, hand grenades
etc. I lent them to a friend and (he claimed) he'd lost the lot.
I think that's exhausted my Austin Seven tales.
Ray Battersby
Austin 7 Journals Page 26 April 2016
At the display day at the clubrooms on Sunday 27 March, a question was raised
regarding the Differential of an early Austin 7 Chummy, in particular how to correct
what was described as "considerable" backlash within the differential.
The Austin 7 Companion, pages 154 to 156 give an insight into what is involved.
Austin 7 Journals Page 27 April 2016
Austin 7 Journals Page 28 April 2016
Austin 7 Journals Page 29 April 2016
Austin Seven Differential Adjustments - Late Model
with acknowledgement from: |
The following assumes all components and bearing, including the differential centre bushes are in a
serviceable condition. It is taken largely from the Bill Williams book Austin Seven Specials.
The Process
Since the drag from the oil seals will upset final adjustment of the pinion and crown
wheel, the rear hubs should not be refitted to the axle shafts until later.
Austin 7 Journals Page 30 April 2016
Adjustment of the crown wheel and pinion is carried out as follows:
Fit the torque tube and pinion using the original shim or in the case of an unknown
crown and pinion configuration, start by not using a shim. If using shims they
MUST be a suitable metal shim and NOT paper. Now bring the crown wheel up to
the pinion as follows. The nearside serrated adjusting ring (marked A above), should
be levered round by pulling the serrations downwards, until it bears tightly against
the inner bearing. The pinion should then be checked by slowly rotating the drive
flange. Continue moving the crown in until the pinion is obviously too tight, the
adjuster ring should be taken back about two serrations. The offside adjuster
(marked B above) must now be tightened by levering upwards in a similar manner in
order to move the crown back away from the pinion. The effect of this process is to
move the crown wheel assembly back and forth in relation to the pinion as shown
above. Once a suitable position is found, the crown and pinion mating can be
checked using standard methods such as blueing etc. it is recommended to have the
pinion adjusted as to run slightly towards the small end of the pinion gear (see
figure below). If further pinion adjusting is required, back the crown assembly away
from the pinion using the adjusters as described above. Remove the torque tube
and pinion and repeat the process using shims until you are happy with the pinion
As shown on page 159 of the Austin Seven Companion
The final backlash (free play) can now be set-up. The pinion should now be turned
with a rocking action, since there is usually one place in one revolution which feels
tighter. This particular point is where final adjustment should be made, otherwise
the clearance will diminish as the axle heats up under load, causing excessive wear
of the crown wheel and pinion. This clearance should be a minimum of .005"at its
tightest point. To obtain this clearance as accurately as possible, make up a simple
test rig as shown below.
Austin 7 Journals Page 31 April 2016
As shown on page 159 of the Austin Seven Companion
A total movement of 1/16" will represent a .005" backlash on the crown wheel and
pinion gears. It is essential that this adjustment be made with the teeth clean and
dry. It is also important to make sure it is only the crown and pinion free play you
are measuring. This is best checked by putting a suitable object up the diff drain
hole and ensuring the crown is "locked" or held well this measurement is made.
After the final adjustments, the adjusting rings should be hand tight. In no
circumstances should they be hammered tight, or the bearing will overheat under
load. It will be noticed that the locating peg in the adjusting ring locking plate is
offset. This is so that the plate may be reversed in order to mate with the position of
the serrations. If the locking plates will not fit flush with the axle casings, they may
have to be moved slightly, but they must never be loose. The rear hubs may now be
refitted. Several factory tools were made for setting up Austin Seven differentials.
Other sections on this site cover related differential topics. Also please read the
excellent comments by Ian Moorcraft and others in the Discussion Forum on this
Austin 7 Journals Page 32 April 2016
If undeliverable return to:
Austin 7 Club SA Inc
262 Tapleys Hill Road
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