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Austin 7 Journals Page 2 October 2018
Club Patron: Hon Stephen Mullighan MP State Member for Lee.
Ph: 8449 4764 or 0438 794 979
email: buesnel[email protected]
Ph: 8377 0893 or 0414 727 893
email: lewistrai[email protected]
Ph: 8358 3421 or: 0418 831 974
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Ph: 8264 7179 email: ton[email protected]
Ph; 0457 434 718 email:[email protected]
SPARES MANAGER & Vice President:
Ph: 8296 1689 email: [email protected]
The Austin 7 Spares Shed is open prior to Monthly
Club Meetings, Austin 7 Technical Nights and other
times as notified by the Manager.
Two Positions of TOURING Co-ordinators
are VACANT, please see anyone from the
Committee if you would like to nominate for
one of the positions.
A comprehensive touring programme is conducted
annually, any suggestions of events or places to
visit are welcomed.
Ph: 8261 1175 or 0437 428 543
email:rodne[email protected]
Working Bees to maintain the property are held on
an "as required basis". Members will be advised of
any working bee planned at a meeting prior or by
Ph: 0408 700 047
email: dsearles[email protected]
The Austin 7 Journals is published quarterly by the
club and is available on the club web site and at
meetings in January, April, July and October. Items
for inclusion of each issue close at the end of the
previous month.
Ph: 8264 7179 email: ton[email protected]
Ph: 8255 1371 email: bar[email protected]
Club Registration Authorised Officers
Scott Appleyard: Southern Suburbs
Ph: 0427 243 879
Rick Hoffman: Southern Vales
Ph: 0408 898 736
Wolf Semler: Southern Vales.
Ph: 8550 7760
Trevor Clerke: Yorke Peninsula.
Ph: 0428 851 139
Geoff Stephens; All areas.
Ph: 0437 061 569
Ralph Drage: All areas.
Ph: 8251 2637 or 0418 846 082
David Garnett All areas
Ph: 0457 434 718
Graham Buesnel North Western Suburbs.
Ph: 0438 794 979
SPORT, and
: The Club is able to accept payment
of subscriptions, for events or fees by Internet
Banking details are: BSB 085-333 A/c 838545354.
When transferring funds to the Club please quote
your name or a reference so that the Treasurer is
able to identify your payment.
All correspondence to:
The Secretary
Annual subscriptions Full: $70.00: Associate/Remote: $40.00
The Austin 7 Club SA Internet address is:
Monthly Club Meetings (second Monday* of each month) commence at 7.30pm, please bring
plate of supper to share.
*Check club calendar for correct date.
Austin 7 Journals Page 3 October 2018
Austin 7 Journals
Volume 226 - OCTOBER 2018
A Word from GB
President's Report to the Annual General Meeting
September 2018
As I sit down to write my yearly reflections on the club I note
that we have vacancies for committee positions in our run up to the Annual General
Meeting. Both our trip coordinators Scott Appleyard and Simon Mander are not
standing and I thank them for their input over the past year. If you would like to
volunteer for one of these positions please contact anyone on the Committee and
we'll be happy to accept your nomination.
We have had two past Presidents pass away during the year. Bruce Went 1961
to 1971 and Rob Brosnan 1972 to 1973, Rob a big instigator in the purchasing of
our clubrooms. Our thoughts have been with their families during this time of
Further to our plans to give people comfort when attending functions at our
club the work of covering in an area for undercover BBQs has commenced and you
can see the area as it takes shape. WE are also changing the way the ladies can
enter their toilet from under this cover via the back door of the hall. The ramp will
still be there for those who wish to use it.
To the ladies who prepare the supper each meeting I thank them for their
effort and also the donation of small pies and pasties that are home made.
Our club was selected over twelve month ago to host Austins Over Australia.
A team of members under the direction of David Grear has re-worked a previous
planned stay in the Barossa Valley at Tanunda. All was set in concrete until 2
weeks ago when the Barossa Council told us we could not use the Showground Hall
at the Tanunda Oval because it is to be refurbished. A lot of searching took place
and out of the blue came an offer to us to use the Chateau Tanunda Winery
premises in Tanunda. This turns out to be a much up-market place compared to
the Showground Hall and for a similar hire price too!
We are now back on track in the preparations for the event in September 2019
Darryl Byfield who has represented our club as the Federation Representative is not
standing for the position. I would like to thank Darryl and Margaret for their work
done at the Federation and their comprehensive reports back to the Committee on
the meetings that they attended.
David Grear, our Vice President and spare parts guru has once again been
successful in making sure you have the parts needed to keep your A7s going.
David, your attitude for keeping the A7 flag flying is assuring that A7s will be
around for years to come. Well done David, also thank you to David Garnett for
your assistance in the spares area.
The only thing our librarian does not have is a lounge in his area. Air
conditioned and carpeted Barry Pannell's library area is there for you to use. It's a
great meeting place to find out any technical information from the library collection.
Drop in for a visit with Barry.
The monthly Tuesday leisure outing continues with club members enjoying
morning tea at a selected venue followed by lunch at a country hotel. Thanks to
Barbara and David for your organisation of the lunch outing.
Austin 7 Journals Page 4 October 2018
We have all enjoyed the Journals during the year and I thank David Searles for his
constant expertise in covering all facets of the Clubs interests.
We now have four other vehicle clubs using our club rooms, they are the
Chevrolet Performance Association, Tri Five Classics Assoc, Club Automobile
Francais, BMW Drivers and Classic Owners Motor Cycle Clubs. With the number of
people using the facilities we decided to have our Hall and Toilets professionally
cleaned. Thank you Allan Baker for organising the cleaning contract.
As well as the cleaning contract, Alan has done an excellent job looking after
the property fixing all the small things and organising the major repairs with
contractors. There has been water leaks from taps, broken floor boards, bent front
gates, fire extinguishers, electrical testing and many more other repairs he does not
tell us about. Thank you Alan.
Modern regularity has continued this year with Tony Morgan organising the
meetings and also his final Christmas Dinner in January. Thanks Tony for your
efforts in keeping the racing side of the Club going.
We must also thank the Timing Team run by Barry Frost for their efforts not only at
Modern Regularity but the rest of the year doing a variety of meetings at Mallala,
Melbourne, Adelaide and the new track, The Bend.
Our Treasurer Laurie Sutton has looked after the finances of the club from all
over the world as modern technology allows us to pay the bills even when Laurie is
not in Australia. His book keeping has been audited and found to be correct.
Thanks Laurie.
While Laurie travels the world he is backed up by the Assistant Treasurer Ron
and his wife Grace Schache who I thank them for their work.
As the President, I have been ably supported by our Secretary Martin who has
handled many different investigations into making our club run smoothly. He has
negotiated with insurance companies for our best interest and come up with a good
cost saving on our yearly expenses. Well done Martin in your secretarial duties.
Martin also has the services of Ralph the Assistant Secretary, who sends out
reminders to all club members who are on email. Ralph also assists David Garnett
with log book distribution and recording. Thank you to both of you for your work.
You may wonder why this I have written about our committee in this report. I
feel that we have a well oiled team who have all done their jobs, working together
and making my position one of which I can sleep at night without worrying about
what has not been done to keep our club running smoothly.
Thank you to all club members for your continuing support and contribution
to the Austin 7 Club of South Australia Inc.
Your President
Graham Buesnel
Austin 7 Journals Page 5 October 2018
COMING EVENTS for 2018/9
October 2018
6/7 Riverland Rally - "Renmark River
8 Monthly Club Meeting
16 A7 Leisure Run
22 A7 Technical Night
28 65th Birthday Celebration at the
Clubrooms, please make sure you
advise David Searles of your
attendance to assist with catering
and room for parking requirements.
November 2018
5 Committee Meeting
11 Monthly Club Run for Breakfast at
Watershed Function Centre off
Salisbury Highway Mawson Lakes.
12 Monthly Club Meeting
13 A7 Leisure Run
17/18 Bendigo Swap Meet
18 Modern Regularity R6
26 A7 Technical Night & Run to an
eatery for tea.
December 2018
1 Subs & Log Book Day at the
Clubrooms 10am to 2pm
3 Committee Meeting
4 A7 Leisure Run
9 Subs & Log Book Day at the
Clubrooms 10am to 2pm
9 Christmas Function at Marion Club
10 Monthly Club Meeting
January 2019
7 Committee Meeting.
14 Monthly Club Meeting
19 A7/TTM 2018 End of Season
Dinner at Hackney Hotel
February 2019
4 Committee Meeting
10 All British Day - Echunga Oval
11 Monthly Club Meeting
19 A7 Leisure Run
25 A7 Technical Night & Run to an
28 Adelaide 500 Supercars
March 2019
1/3 Adelaide 500 Supercars
4 Committee Meeting
11 Monthly Club Meeting with a
barbecue at clubrooms beforehand.
14/17 Aust F1 GP Melbourne
17 VSCC Display Day at Keswick. Meet
at Clubrooms for morning tea
before heading off to Keswick.
19 A7 Leisure Run
24 Social Day at the Clubrooms
25 A7 Technical Night
April 2019
1 Committee Meeting
8 Monthly Club Meeting
16 Leisure Run
25/28 Pre War Austin 7 Run to Meningie
29 A7 Technical Night
May 2019
6 Committee Meeting
13 Monthly Club Meeting
18/19 43rd Historic Winton
19 Cavalcade of Cars - Kernewek
Lowender Copper Triangle
21 A7 Leisure Run
27 A7 Technical Night
June 2019
3 Committee Meeting
8/10 Border Run to Mildura
17 Monthly Club Meeting
23 Social Day at the Clubrooms
24 A7 Technical Night
25 A7 Leisure Run
July 2019
1 Committee Meeting
8 Monthly Club Meeting
22 A7 Technical Night
23 A7 Leisure Run
August 2019
5 Committee Meeting
12 Monthly Club Meeting
20 A7 Leisure Run
26 A7 Technical Night
September 2019
1 or 8 Old Car Day at Bethany
2 Committee Meeting
9 Monthly and Annual General
17 A7 Leisure Run
23/27 Austins Over Australia
Chateau Tanunda Barossa Valley
29 Bay to Birdwood. There is a
possibility that this will be a
combined Run/Classic event thus
allowing all Austins attending AOA
in the previous week eligible to
enter. Watch this space for update
of information.
* Calendared items for 2019 may be
subject to change.
Austin 7 Journals Page 6 October 2018
Club regalia for sale:
The club has a variety of items of interest to members which are available from the Treasurer
each meeting at the clubrooms.
Austin 7 Club Decal small: $1.00
Austin 7 Club Decal large $2.00
Austin script hat/lapel badge: $3.00
Austin 7 Club Cap $12.50
Austin 7 Club Hat $15.00
Austin 7 Club Badge Metal Radiator $22.00
Austin 7 Club 50
year history book: $20.00
Austin 7 Short Sleeve Yellow Polo Shirt: $20.00 sizes M,L,XL & XXL
Austin 7 Short Sleeve Dark Blue Polo Shirt $34.00 sizes S,M,L,XL & XXL.
Austin 7 Long Sleeve Polar Fleece Jumpers: $45.00 sizes in stock S,M,LXL & XXL.
Track Time Motorsport Cap $10.00
Track Time Motorsport Polo Shirt $34.00
Austin 7 Lubrication Chart, Laminated $20.00 (available from A7 spares shed)
Austin 7 Journals Page 7 October 2018
Austin 7 Journals Page 8 October 2018
Vale: Bruce Went
It is with deep sorrow that we report on the death of
Past President and Life Member Bruce Went on July 1
2018, aged 83 years.
Bruce joined the A7CSA in 1954 and began his
distinguished service to the Club and SA motorsport from that
moment. In 1956 he built his first A7 Special and competed in
Club sprints and hillclimbs with it.
In 1960 Bruce, along with Garrie Cooper, Rob Brosnan,
Murray Lewis and Peter Wilkinson, began to build streamlined
sports cars at Garrie’s factory. Bruce’s was the second
customer car to be completed and the cars needed a name
and so ELFIN they became; thus beginning a successful racing/sports cars
construction business. Bruce raced this car at Port Wakefield/Mallala and ran it in
Club sprints at WRE until selling it 1964; he then became a valued member of the
timing team.
In 1960 Bruce joined the A7CSA committee as Treasurer and the next year
began as President. His 11 year tenure ended in 1971 and he was then awarded
A7C Life Membership in January 1972. He continued to serve the Club by tirelessly
working to raise funds by chairing the social committee from 1976 to 1984. During
this time, the Club was repaying the loan on the Clubrooms (opened in March 1974)
and Bruce could be relied upon to work at every Club fund-raising event in some
way organising raffles, supplying/cooking bbq food for drivers and officials at
sprints of all types and the successful repayment of the loan (in 1987) was due in
no small way to Bruce’s driving force behind many helpers and events. In particular
and especially the many “Trash and Treasure” weekends at the Marion Drive-in
complex, where many trips with fully loaded trailers were taken with excellent
bargains on board – resulting in $000’s raised for the Club.
Bruce began as A7Club delegate to the CAMS State Council in 1961 a
position he held until 1994. CAMS honours included the first CAMS Service
Award in 1970 and in 1995 the first CAMS Service Star. He was deputy State
Chairman from 1974-1994 and from 1991 was Chairman of the Motor Race Advisory
Bruce officiated as CAMS’ chief timekeeper at two Australian Land Speed
Record attempts. The first was in 1961 at Lake Eyre for Mel McEwin – unsuccessful;
then in 1994 at Lake Gairdner, Roscoe McGlashan set an Australian record at 802.6
km/h (500 mph).
Our timekeeping skills were used by many new tracks and as Bruce was an
integral part of our team, he was in on the ground floor when the following openings
took place again being a small but important part of motor racing history. Car
racing: 1961 Mallala; 1972 AIR; 1977 Tailem Bend Rallycross; 1982 - Mallala
reborn; 1985 Adelaide F1; 1999 - What became known as “Clipsal” 500. Motor
Cycle racing: 1989 World 500cc Championship, Phillip Island VIC; 1991 - World
500cc Championship, Eastern Creek NSW.
Bruce continued with our timing team until August 2009 when his heart
problems began to impact on his life. Other motorsport awards he received included:
2000 Australian Sports Medal (Federal Govt); 2002 - A7CSA Commemorating 500
race meeting; 2003 - SA Premier Outstanding Volunteer Service certificate; 2005 SA
Motor Sport Board – 20 year Service Certificate.
And while Bruce contributed to our club and motor sport in SA, we must also
acknowledge his successful life as a family man. He married Jacquie, built the
family home at Morphett Vale, raised a family (David, Stephen and Louise) and later
built a shack at Port Vincent where he enjoyed many fishing expeditions with friends
Austin 7 Journals Page 9 October 2018
and work mates. He became a friend/adviser on all things electrical to many and is
sorely missed by all those who shared his love of life.
From 2004, Bruce continued to attend Club meetings courtesy of Rick
Hoffman’s chauffeur service: his last was on June 18
Barry Frost
Vale: Rob Brosnan
It is also with deep sorrow that we report on the death
of Past President, Rob Brosnan on August 10
2018, aged
82 years.
Rob joined the A7CSA in January 1958 and soon
became an A7 racer, as he recounted for A7Journals: “I
found an A7 tourer belonging to a friend of my dad’s, which I
took home and chopped the body off with an axe! I built this
into a racing car which I sold to Denis Overall and it now
belongs to Ian Motley”.
In 1960 Rob, along with Garrie Cooper, Bruce Went
and Murray Lewis built streamlined sports cars at Garrie’s factory. A7Journals
again: After the A7, I bought a Ford 10 special without a body. Sitting in my parent’s
garage, with Garrie Cooper and Murray Lewis looking at the car, we decided that it
needed a body and Garrie suggested one like the current Lotus. If we could find 4
others willing to be part of the project, he would design and build them. Murray, Garrie
and I made 3 – we needed two more - Bruce Went and Peter Wilkinson came on board
and so ELFIN was born”.
Rob’s car was the first to be completed as a customer car and he raced it at
Port Wakefield and Mallala. When it was sold, Rob became a member of our timing
team at Mallala but the racing bug still had him under its spell and he then raced
an FJ Holden.
Rob had been Clerk of Course at many A7C race meetings and sprints and
when AIR opened in 1972 he was approached to be CoC there: his first duty was at
the first rallycross meeting in April 2
Rob’s service to the A7CSA is as follows: 1961 - Treasurer/Vice President:
1962 - Treasurer/Vice President: 1963/65 Competition Secretary: 1966/1971
Treasurer/Vice President: 1972/1973 President: 1974 Committee member:
1975/1976 – Treasurer.
During Rob’s 2 year tenure as President, the search for our own Clubrooms
finally was successful and he drove the negotiations with skill and tenacity to their
conclusion. The final Council/Bank loan approvals were settled in February 1974
and the grand opening then took place on March 24
But it hadn’t been an easy task
for Rob - “I was petrified of taking on the mortgage and couldn’t sleep for 3 weeks”.
He needn’t have worried - Club members rallied and the Clubrooms became ours in
As Rob contributed to our club and motor sport in SA, he was also a family
man. He married Joy, raised a family (Baden, Tracy and Mark) and later built a
shack at Edithburgh, where he enjoyed many family fishing expeditions. As the
children grew, their interests took Rob away from motorsport to the Grange Surf
Lifesaving Club, where his organisational skills were again put to use.
Barry Frost
Note: Both Bruce and Rob contributed greatly to the growth of our Club and the
establishment of our Clubrooms; they were also in on the ground floor of the
development of Elfin racing/sports cars and as such have a place in Australian
motoring history.
Austin 7 Journals Page 10 October 2018
Austin 7 Journals Page 11 October 2018
2018 Modern Regularity - TTM Trophy Round 4, 29 July
Again we were lucky with the weather for a mid-winter’s day: this one was very
cold, windy (sometimes very strong) and with only the briefest shower of rain. Our
sponsor for the meeting again was Darryl Brigg.
Heat 1, 5 laps - 1
Geoff Stephens, Hyundai Excel 10 pts; 2
Dylan Flego Hyundai
Excel 14 pts; 3
Duane Gent Holden Commodore, 15 pts
Heat 2, 6 laps - 1
Andrew Baohm, Holden Monaro 21 pts; 2
Duane Gent 27 pts;
Geoff Stephens 29 pts
Heat 3, 6 laps - 1
Andrew Baohm, 25 pts; 2
Duane Gent 28 pts; 3
John Ellis,
Holden Commodore 35 pts
The rain came at the start of this heat and those first out were affected by the
slippery conditions for the first 2 laps until the wind dried the track and nominated
lap times could then be achieved.
Heat 4, 6 laps - 1
Andrew Baohm, 19 pts; 2
Donald Stacey, Hyundai Elantra 20
pts; 3
Duane Gent 32 pts
The overall places on the day were: 1
Duane Gent 102 pts: 2
Andrew Baohm,
109 pts; 3
Jason Sutton, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo5 138 pts
Despite the strong showing by the above drivers, they were unable to haul in the
leaders in the TTM Trophy who are: 1
Sandy Watters 221 pts; 2
Brigg 167 pts; 3
Stephen Drury 142.5 pts
This was also Round 3 of the Ladies Series - only 3 competed in the above heats.
Heat 1 – 1
Katrina Nelson Peugeot 206 53 pts; 2
Sandy Watters Peugeot 206 Gti
54 pts; 3
Susan Glasson Peugeot 206 108 pts
Heat 2 – 1
Sandy Watters 41 pts; 2
Susan Glasson 80 pts; 3
Katrina Nelson
407 pts
Heat 3 – 1
Sandy Watters 42 pts; 2
Susan Glasson 128 pts; 3
Katrina Nelson
226 pts
Heat 4 – 1
Sandy Watters 44 pts; 2
Susan Glasson 83 pts; 3
Katrina Nelson
208 pts
For the Ladies Series Trophy, the leaders are: 1
Sandy Watters 26 pts;
Susan Glasson 17 pts; = 3
Kristen Bailey and Michelle Wegener 15 pts
This was also the second round of the Rookies Series, with 5 drivers taking part.
Heat 1, 4 laps - 1
Chris Taylor Hyundai Excel 70 pts; 2
Kate Stephens Hyundai
Excel 77 pts; 3
Fiona McCubbin-Mee Mazda 2 216 pts.
Heat 2, 5 laps - 1
Chris Taylor 26 pts; 2
Fiona McCubbin-Mee 30 pts; 3
Stacey Hyundai Elantra 39 pts
Heat 3, 5 laps - 1
Kate Stephens 30 pts; 2
Fiona McCubbin-Mee 36 pts; 3
Nikita Stacey 48 pts
Heat 4, 5 laps - 1
Maureen Maurer Peugeot 206 93 pts; 2
Nikita Stacey 101 pts;
Chris Taylor 111 pts
Overall placings were: 1
Chris Taylor 259 pts; 2
Kate Stephens 329 pts; 3
McCubbin-Mee 407 pts
Barry Frost
Austin 7 Journals Page 12 October 2018
Modern Regularity Round 4, 29 July 2018
Austin 7 Journals Page 13 October 2018
Austin 7 Club Run to Collectable Classics, Strathalbyn, 16 August 2018
Since Collectable Classics have opened their new showrooms at Strathalbyn there
has been a procession of vehicle clubs that have incorporated a visit to Collectable
Classics during a Sunday drive, and the Austin 7 Club is no exception, so on a cold
winters' morning about 30 of us met at Mt Barker's Keith Stephenson park for a
quick drive to Strath. We were met by Ben Gillespie who gave a speech on the
attributes of the organisation and invited us to enjoy a cuppa while we browsed the
vehicles available for sale. It was noted that if you purchased a lovely red E-type
Jaguar you could save $5,000 but first you had to pay out $114,000. (It's now
advertised at $99,990, so you can save even more!
After a an hour or so many drifted off to the Trash & Treasure Market being held at
the Strathalbyn Dog Track, while others moved to the High Street to avail
themselves of lunch at the Commercial Hotel which surprisingly had plenty of room
for the dozen or so of us you decided to lunch there. Those who had the pasta
selection were confronted with a rather large serving of the meal, but it was soon
discovered that what looked appetising was in fact a dish which was rather tasteless
brought about by the lack of any appropriate condiments to this dish. Having used
about half a salt shaker of salt during the meal to add something to it, the waitress,
on picking up the remains, offered no real reason for its lack of taste. So there you
Austin 7 Journals Page 14 October 2018
First Supercar Championship meeting at Tailem Bend,
24-26 August 2018.
One of our timekeepers (Malcolm Weatherly) was able to take these photos
during Saturday’s events; they show aspects of the track that are not generally seen.
Ready to go racing. Good viewing from here.
Track owner out for a quiet drive. TV cameraman and medical car.
Protection for track-side officials. And NO - they didn't hit each other!
A bit dusty off-line. A bit squeezy for the flagman.
Austin 7 Journals Page 15 October 2018
Austin 7 Journals Page 16 October 2018
2018 Modern Regularity 16 September
Club Championship and TTM Trophy Round 5
Another fine, cold windless day, for the 2018 Club Championship: our sponsor
for the meeting, which drew 34 entries, was Darryl Brigg. As befitting a
championship the final heat was over 11 laps, setting a challenge for all drivers as
this was the longest Modern Regularity heat held.
Heat 1, 5 laps - 1
Andrew Baohm, Holden Monaro 7 pts; 2
Stephen Drury,
Mazda RX7 12 pts; 3
Jordan Johnston Hyundai Excel 19 pts.
Heat 2, 6 laps - 1
Stephen Drury, 17 pts; 2
Peter Trudgen Holden Commodore
Ute, 20 pts; 3
Anthony Verner Mercedes Benz SLK320 22 pts
Heat 3, 5 laps - 1
Andrew Baohm, 12 pts; 2
Anthony Verner 16 pts; 3
Wegener Mitsubishi Magna 20 pts.
At this point in the championship chase, the leaders were Andrew Baohm,
Stephen Drury, Anthony Verner, Sandy Watters, John Tiller and Donald
Stacey – all within 50 pts.
Final Heat 4, 11 laps - 1
Sandy Watters Peugeot 206 Gti 49 pts; 2
Darryl Brigg,
Peugeot 206 Gti 52 pts; 3
Geoff Stephens Hyundai Excel 55 pts.
With 9 laps completed, the placings were - Sandy Watters, Anthony Verner,
Andrew Baohm, Geoff Stephens, Stephen Drury and Donald Stacey - all within
16 pts. However, brake troubles then struck Andrew and he ran off the track
at the northern hairpin and was unable to finish the event.
Congratulations to the 11 drivers in this heat who were able to match their
nominated lap times and record scores of 0 – with several achieving this twice.
The 2018 Club Championship winner is Sandy Watters 121 pts, from Anthony
Verner 127 pts and Stephen Drury 130 pts.
The leaders in the TTM Trophy are: Sandy Watters 293 pts, from Stephen Drury
208.5 pts and Anthony Verner 204 pts.
This was also Round 3 of the BMW Drivers Club Challenge
Heat 1, 6 laps – 1
Craig Florance BMW E30 29 pts; 2
Graham Patterson BMW
M535 85 pts; 3
Nick Metcalfe BMW 2002 112 pts
Heat 2, 7 laps – 1
Tony Hixson BMW 528i 43 pts; 2
Craig Meulengraaf BMW
535i 50 pts; 3
Graham Patterson 81 pts
Heat 3, 6 laps - 1
Graham Patterson 39 pts; 2
Tony Hixson 58 pts; 3
Portas Mazda MX5 60 pts
Heat 4, 6 laps – 1
Nick Metcalfe 20 pts; 2
Bram Portas 34 pts; 3
Meulengraaf 39 pts
Overall placings were Craig Florance, on a count-back from Graham Patterson,
both on 316 pts and Tony Hixson 342 pts.
After this final round of the BMW Drivers Club Challenge, placings are Craig
Florance 36 pts from Tony Hixson 32 pts and Nick Metcalfe 28 pts.
Barry Frost
Austin 7 Journals Page 17 October 2018
Modern Regularity Round 5, 16 September 2018
Austin 7 Journals Page 18 October 2018
Monday 23 Sept to Friday 27 Sept 2019
Twelve months from now Austins Over Australia 2019 will be well underway. As indicated previously
the event is shaping up to be very popular. Currently 165 Expressions of Interest have been received.
Therefore 165 rooms should have already been booked. If you haven’t already done so, you NEED TO
book your accommodation NOW as to avoid any disappointment.
It is still expected that entry forms will be available by early 2019 after all associated costs have been
confirmed. It will be accompanied by a comprehensive newsletter which will specify everything you
need to know.
Previous newsletters have stated that the event headquarters was the Tanunda Showgrounds Hall, but
due to renovations, is no longer available to us. Our event headquarters is now Chateau Tanunda, an
icon of the Barossa. Whilst the planned activities remain unchanged, the daily venue has changed -
Chateau Tanunda is located at 9 Basedow Road Tanunda.
Don’t forget to get your “Aussie Outback theme” attire ready to wear at the farewell dinner.
As previously advised, Rocker Cover races will be held each morning, Tuesday to Friday, and the
associated rules have been provided. If you haven’t already done so, prepare yourself a rocker cover
for this event.
Expression of Interest Letter specifying
o when and where each day's event will be held,
o the proposed Itinerary, and
o suggested Accommodation venues.
Expression of Interest Form
Newsletter #1
If you would like any of the above re-sent to you, please let Ralph know (although some things have
changed since they were issued).
Below is the revised Planned Itinerary
If you have any further questions, concerns or suggestions, please feel free to contact either;
Position: Event Chairman Event Secretary
Name: David Grear Ralph Drage
Phone: 08 8296 1689 Ph: 0418 846 082
Austin 7 Journals Page 19 October 2018
Subject to change
Updated Sept 2018
Monday 23/9
1.00pm to 4.30pm
Registration at Chateau Tanunda
**Pre-dinner drinks followed by Welcome Dinner at Chateau Tanunda
Tuesday 24/9
**Breakfast at Chateau Tanunda – served until 8.30
Drivers briefing and Rocker Cover racing (heat 1) at Chateau Tanunda
Leave for National Motor Museum, Birdwood
12.00 noon
**Running Board Lunch at Birdwood – Peoples choice judging at National Motor
Leave Birdwood to return to accommodation
Wednesday 25/9
**Optional Breakfast at Chateau Tanunda – served until 8.30
Drivers briefing and Rocker Cover racing (heat 2) at Chateau Tanunda
Leave for Kapunda
**Morning Tea upon arrival at Kapunda Trotting Club
Funkhana – State vs State
**Baked Potato Lunch at Kapunda Trotting Club
**BBQ dinner at Chateau Tanunda
Entertainment evening
Thursday 26/9
**Optional Breakfast at Chateau Tanunda – served until 8.30
Drivers briefing and Rocker Cover racing (heat 3) at Chateau Tanunda
Leave for Mannum
12.00 noon
**Running Board Lunch at Mary Anne Reserve Mannum
Leave Mannum to return back to accommodation
Friday 27/9
**Optional Breakfast at Chateau Tanunda – served until 8.30
Drivers briefing and Rocker Cover racing (Championship) at Chateau Tanunda
**Pick up optional Brown Paper Bag lunch and / or head off on a route of choice
**Pre-dinner drinks followed by Farewell Dinner at Chateau Tanunda
Theme : Aussie Outback
Sunday 29/9
BAY TO BIRDWOOD CLASSIC –Vehicles from Jan 1956 to Dec 1981 incl
** All meals;
are optional, details of which will be included on the Entry Form
will be prepared by the same fabulous caterer which The Austin 7 Club of SA used in
2012 for a similar sized event
served at Chateau Tanunda will be served on china plates, using metal cutlery
NB: the breakfasts will also be of really good value
Austin 7 Journals Page 20 October 2018
Austin 7 Club SA members who have indicated their interest as below,
ADDYMAN ARTHUR A7CSA Austin 7 Saloon 1932
A7CSA Austin A90 Atlantic Coupe 1950
BAKER ALAN A7CSA Austin 7 Sedan 1938
BERRY DAVID A7CSA Austin 1800 Ute 1970
A7CSA Austin A105 Sedan 1957
BURCHETT RON A7CSA Austin 7 Roadster 1929
BURT DAN A7CSA Austin 7 Tourer 1929
A7CSA Austin 7 Roadster 1927
DAWES ANDREW A7CSA Austin 7 Tourer 1927
DRAGE RALPH A7CSA Austin A95 Sedan 1958
GENT TREVOR A7CSA Austin 7 Tourer 1932
GOWER BILL A7CSA Austin A55 Sedan 1957
GREAR DAVID A7CSA Austin 7 Tourer 1935
HILL DOUG A7CSA Austin 7 Roadster 1926
HOFFMAN RICK A7CSA Austin Big 7 Tourer 1938
HURST JIM A7CSA Austin A30 Countryman 1955
KEEGAN GREG A7CSA Austin A30 Countryman 1955
LAKE MALCOLM A7CSA Austin 7 Sports 1928
LEITCH IAN A7CSA Austin 7 Tourer 1935
LEWIS MARTIN A7CSA Austin 16 Sedan 1946
LINDSAY GREG A7CSA Austin 7 Sports 1929
MOTLEY IAN A7CSA Austin 7 Tourer 1936
SANDFORD LEE A7CSA Austin 7 Saloon 1936
A7CSA Austin 1800 Sedan 1967
SEIDEL KEITH A7CSA Austin 7 Tourer 1929
SHARP RODNEY A7CSA Austin 7 Tourer 1931
SPANGLER BRENTON A7CSA Austin A30 Sedan 1956
STEVENS JOHN A7CSA Austin A40 Sedan 1949
A7CSA Datsun 120Y Sedan 1976
SWEETMAN IAN A7CSA Austin 7 Roadster 1936
A7CSA Austin 7 Tourer 1929
THORPE GRAHAM A7CSA Austin 8 Tourer 1944
THORPE STEVE A7CSA Austin 7 Tourer
WILLIAMS BRUCE A7CSA Austin 7 Roadster 1929
WILLIAMS TIM A7CSA Austin 7 Tourer 1935
Is your name on the list?
We would like to see you on this event.
There is a provision if you haven't an Austin to attend in another vehicle.
See Ralph at any Club Meeting if you have any queries or concerns.
Austin 7 Journals Page 21 October 2018
Technical Tip #37.
At a Technical Night some months ago, our club
librarian Barry Pannell, hosted a session on
tuning. One of the points he raised was that it
is possible to have the ignition coil wrongly
wired, although the motor will still run, albeit
less efficiently.
Barry demonstrated that the best way to check
this is to hold a sharpened lead pencil between
the ignition lead and the top of the spark plug
with the motor running, as shown in the sketch.
If the coil is correctly wired, a haze will appear
between the tip of the lead pencil and the spark
plug terminal.
This haze is formed from minute particles of
graphite being drawn from the tip of the lead
pencil by the spark current. In carrying out this
test, try not to use any part of your body as a
Should the haze appear between the pencil and the ignition lead, then the coil is wrongly
connected. This works for both positive and negative earth cars.
Armed with this information, I hope to clip .002 seconds off my Mallala lap time.
Stan Gafney
Austin 7 Journals Page 22 October 2018
There is gold in the shed - a bright light in the life of our Club President,
Some years ago my uncle offered me some oil containers that belonged to my
Grandfather. My Grandfather married very late in life so these containers were very
old. He was in his 70's when I was born. He also owned the row ferry in Port
Adelaide near where the Birkenhead Bridge is now when he was 16.
He owned a Willys Knight that ate oil like it was going straight through, and as his
son said "You could see him coming a mile down the road with the plume of smoke
in tow". He used to collect oil from friends when they changed their oil in their cars
and gave it to him for the Willys to turn it into smoke.
Well one of these drums was a Triple Shell Motor Oil that had a pouring spout you
twisted out to stop spilling the oil as you poured it in. It also had an air vent with a
screw top in the opposite corner.
As I decided to downsize the what I thought was rubbish in the shed I took this unit
with some other drums to Scammels Auctions to see if they were realy worth
anything. On arrival the employee of the Scammels suggested this one gallon
container should be put in a special auction that would take place in six months. I
was asked if I wanted to bring it back or leave it there for perspective buyers to look
at. I left it there and forgot about it.
Six months later and two days before we were about to leave on our overseas trip, I
was checking the bank account to make sure I had enough money in it, and to my
surprise there was an amount placed in there by Scammels. I said to Carol that I
think Scammels had made a mistake and put money into our account when she
said "Its not the money for that old oil container is it?"
Further investigation on their web site brought up the old shell drum with a price of
$1,000. It was no mistake the old hunk of tin was sold for $1,000 and the money
less the commission was in our account.
The moral of this story is check your old drums you have in the shed as they may be
worth a dollar or two
Austin 7 Journals Page 23 October 2018
“The News”
“The News”“The News”
“The News” 2 August 1954 The Austin 7 Club made Mr. Lloyd Thorpe a life member at its meeting last
week. Mr. Thorpe one of its founders, has been an office holder since its inception. He captained his
Austin 7, entered in the club’s name, in the Redex Trial.
“The News
The NewsThe News
The News” 23 August 1954 Club fixtures The Austin 7 Club will hold a picture evening at its
headquarters, Druids Hall, Parade, Norwood. Next Monday night. An invitation has been extended to
all owners of Austin 7 cars. On September 5 the club will conduct a run to Gorge picnic ground leaving
Sir Lewis Cohen avenue at 11a.m.
“The News”
“The News”“The News”
“The News” 30 August 1954 Trial Result
Trial ResultTrial Result
Trial Result: Placegetters in the Austin 7 Club’s 50 mile trial were Doug
Trengove (Austin 7) 996 points. R. Roberts (Austin 7) 995 P Russell (A30) 994.
“The News
The NewsThe News
The News” 13 September 1954 Club gymkhana The Austin 7 Club will hold a gymkhana on Sunday
cars Leaving Sir Lewis Cohen avenue at 11a.m. They will travel along the Gorge road to an undisclosed
destination. All Austin 7 owners have been invited to attend.
“The Advertiser
The AdvertiserThe Advertiser
The Advertiser” 24 September 1954 Soapbox Derby Entries Closing Entries for the Northern Districts
Soapbox Derby, to be conducted by the Motor Manual Goodwill Club and the Austin 7 Club on
October 30 at Enfield, will close on Saturday. Applications should be addressed to the secretary of the
Austin 7 Club (Mr. Max Bowden Clarence street, Prospect: phone ML5450) or to the secretary of the
Motor Manual Goodwill Club (Seaview road, Henley South: L8292). The derby will run down
Darlington street from Park terrace to Main North road.
“The Advertiser
The AdvertiserThe Advertiser
The Advertiser28 September 1954 Austin Club’s Trial Entries for the Austin 7 Club’s 70 mile spring
trial will close on Thursday. The trial, which will be held next Sunday, will start from Sir Lewis Cohen
av. At 2 p.m. Vantage points for members not competing to see the trial will be arranged by the club.
The club has been rejuvenated recently with the appointment of new officers and meets regularly in the
Druids Hall. Parade. Norwood. Any Austin 7 owner is invited to attend. The next meeting of the club
will be held next Tuesday night. The club secretary is Mr. Max Bowden (Clarence st., Prospect phone
“The Advertiser
The AdvertiserThe Advertiser
The Advertiser5 October 1954 Austin 7 Club Awards; Awards were presented at the Austin 7 Club’s
monthly general meeting last week to:- M. Marchant, Glen Motors trophy for the club’s 1,000 mile trial;
R. Roberts, Wise trials trophy; D. Jolly, G.H. Scott hill-climbing trophy; J. Walsh, C.H. Lutzow speed
trophy for outstanding speed performance of the year in a side-val Austin 7. The club committee will
meet in the Druids’ Hall, Parade, Norwood, next Monday, and there will be a tour to Nuriootpa on
Sunday, October 17. The club secretary is M. Bowden (17 Farrant St., Prospect, ML5450).
“The News
The News”The News”
The News” 25 October 1954 FILM:
FILM: The Austin 7 Club will hold a general meeting at the Druids’ Hall,
Parade. Norwood. On Thursday, when the 1954 Redex Trial film will be shown. All Austin 7 owners
are invited to attend.
“The Advertiser”
“The Advertiser”“The Advertiser”
“The Advertiser” 1 November 1954 C
Crash Stops Soap
rash Stops Soaprash Stops Soap
rash Stops Soap-
-box Car Derby
box Car Derbybox Car Derby
box Car Derby
An accident in which a soap-box car knocked down a boy standing on the track caused the cancellation of
the remaining races in a soap-box derby in Darlington street, Clearview, yesterday. The derby was
arranged by the Austin Seven Club and the Motor Manual Goodwill Club in aid of the Gepps Cross Boy
Scouts building fund. The boy run down was treated for minor injuries by a St. John Ambulance brigade
attendant. The events decided yesterday resulted as follows:-
Scratch championship (hard tyres) – J Slattery, 1; D Walters, 2; P Nicks, 3.
Handicap (solid tyres) M Roderick, 1; B Hupenden, 2; D Walters, 3; fastest time J Slattery (53.4 secs.).
Scratch race (pneumatic tyres) R White, (fastest time, 44 sec.) 1; R Hammond, 2; B Bryant, P Wood
eq., 3
“The Advertiser
The AdvertiserThe Advertiser
The Advertiser” 2 November 1954 Treasure Hunt for Austin 7 Club The Austin 7 Club will conduct a
treasure hunt next Monday night. Members are asked to assemble at the Druids’ Hall, Parade, Norwood
at 8p.m. when a meeting will be held before the hunt. A tour and trial will be held to Middle Beach on
Sunday, November 14, and a general meeting will be held on November 29.
Austin 7 Journals Page 24 October 2018
Austin 7 Meteors of Tim Williams and David Grear at the recent Bay To
Birdwood advertising our Austins Over Australia event next year to be held in
the Barossa Valley